Hematite beads do not give off the appearance of being a luxury gemstone but can provide some very interesting variation to your DIY jewelry making, with a silver to black appearance with some red streaks being found due to the high iron content.

What’s also interesting about this gemstone is how heavy it feels, so if you enjoy feeling your jewelry, or you’re trying to find a good piece for a more masculine person, hematite provides a good option in weight and color.

Hematite jewelry can and is used by many people, but historically it’s been associated with magic, paganism, and similar ideas. It’s not a negative gemstone and has many beneficial metaphysical properties.

Keep reading to find out if Hematite beads are an ideal option for your next DIY jewelry-making adventure.

What Types Of Hematite Beads Are Available?

Hematite beads are available in a range of colors, from silver to totally black; they are polished and shiny and available in various sizes and shapes to match all of your needs. You can find round, faceted, faceted water drops, cylinders, stars, rondelle, oval, flower, moon, etc.

The darker the Hematite beads, the more iron content and the heftier they will feel in any jewelry you’re making. Hematite beads also won’t reflect or allow light to pass through them.

What Types Of DIY Jewelry Are Hematite Beads Suitable For?

Hematite is slightly less resistant to damage than many other gemstones, and while they’re not delicate, they are more suited for pieces that have less contact, such as earrings and necklaces. You can include them in rings and bracelets but may find more damage than you’d hope for.

The darker colors make ideal pieces for masculine people who often prefer darker and less colors; obviously, this isn’t always the case. Hematite beads are also interesting to break up other color combinations for a distinct change in color that you may want in your design. So matching a few pieces of Hematite beads with some dark reds or dark blues may make for a unique and distinct design.

  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces
  • Inlays

Hematite beads can also be used in all of your other DIY projects that require beadwork or gemstones. Just be wary of the hardness of Hematite and where you use it.

What Is The Significance Of Wearing Hematite Jewelry?

Hematite beads are considered a bloodstone and an important gemstone to help you on your journey of spirituality. It’s also a unique and heavy type of bead to use in most types of jewelry to provide something different in your design.

Hematite Color

Silver, Black

Chakra Connected to Hematite


Zodiac Sign Connected With Hematite

Aries and Aquarius

Main Hematite Virtues







Main Hematite Health Benefits

Blood-Related issues


Use Self Cleansing Crystals

What Are The Healing And Spiritual Benefits Of Hematite Beads?

Hematite beads are used for grounding, allowing you to take on tasks throughout your day and keep you connected to reality, and driving forward with focus. They will also give you the confidence to not stop and second guess or question yourself for no reason.

You’ll also find that hematite beads will provide courage and protection while you are forging forward with what you need to do, which is a requirement for this style of living.

When you feel lost, disconnected, or unsure what to do next, hematite can provide positivity, balance, harmony, and awareness to get you through those times by helping you with the action required to overcome problems.

What Are The Physical Benefits Of Hematite Beads?

Hematite beads are commonly known to detoxify your blood, help with circulation, high blood pressure, anemia, kidney problems, and even PMS-related issues. It’s the total package as far as blood-related physical issues are concerned.

Being associated with the root chakra, hematite beads can also be beneficial to lower back pain and digestion problems related to a blocked root chakra.

What should be noted is that Hematite beads may not be suitable for people with pacemakers or other electrical devices needed for medical purposes, so consider that being using or gifting hematite beads in jewelry.

What Chakra Do Hematite Beads Work With?

Despite the visual appearance of hematite, it’s much more closely related to your base chakra, which is associated with red. Hematite, when ground up, will actually become red or rusty color; it’s only in its crystal form that it doesn’t appear so.

Feelings of insecurity about anything can mean your root chakra is blocked; this could be related to your home, job, or even your relationship. Hematite beads can be used in your jewelry to help unblock your root chakra in these situations, and the Hematite beads will also help lead you towards a problem-solving approach.

Can You Recharge and Cleanse Hematite Beads?

Hematite should not be washed but can be placed with self-cleansing gemstones like selenite, citrine, and clear quartz.

What Birth Month Are Hematite Beads Connected To?

Hematite has been used since early man existed, but it’s not specifically associated with any birth month or zodiac signs. Some modern believers think that it connects with Aquarius and Aries.

Are Hematite Beads Good For Meditation?

Hematite beads aren’t great for mediation as they are associated with getting things done and overcoming obstacles through direct action. You should not wear Hematite when trying to focus on your meditation.

Are Hematite Beads Good For Yoga?

Hematite beads can be used in active and vigorous yoga practices, especially when you’re busy and trying to get a workout in. You should not use Hematite beads when trying to work through a peaceful or relaxed yoga session.

Is Hematite Jewelry Good For The Workplace?

Hematite beads in workplace jewelry are perfect, especially for office environments or high-pressure jobs that require quick action and focus on getting work done quickly and efficiently. Hematite is not suitable for customer-facing tasks that require understanding or a need to act slowly.

Should I Wear Hematite Bead Jewelry Every Day?

Hematite bead jewelry can be used daily. However, you will find it can scratch easily, and the metaphysical benefits you get may not prove useful for every day if you’re trying to relax or enjoy something.

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