Jade has been used for centuries across cultures and is highly regarding in southeast Asia and for the people of New Zealand. It’s commonly thought of as only a green stone but can be found in various colors that can match with different spiritual and physical properties, which is why jade beads are great additions to any DIY jewelry-making exercise.

What Types Of Jade Beads Are Available?

Jade beads can be found in various colors, with green being the most common, but you can also find white jade beads, yellow jade beads, and even grey, orange, and purple jade beads. You’ll also be able to find a variety of shapes and sizes to match whatever jewelry you’re trying to make.

All of the jade varieties have similar properties and will be found polished and work well together and with other gemstones to create beautiful jewelry.

What Types Of DIY Jewelry Are Jade Beads Suitable For?

Jade beads are highly versatile, and through history, jade and jade beads have been used for almost everything, from weapons to tools to jewelry. It’s possible to incorporate this hardy gemstone into any jewelry or DIY project you want; the typical style would be to use different shades of green as that is most common and prized by people.

For jewelry, you can create any piece, but typical styles for jade include:

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces
  • Anklets
  • Rings

What Is The Significance Of Wearing Jade Jewelry?

Jade beads have been worn throughout history by Chinese, Maoris, and a variety of other cultures that have priced jade as a way to bring tranquility and wisdom to the wearer.

Jade Color

Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple

Chakra Connected to Jade

Heart, Crown, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Sign Connected With Jade

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

Main Jade Virtues

● Tranquility

● Heart Healing

● Positive Thoughts

● Abundance

● Strengthens Relationships

● Confidence

● Love

Main Jade Health Benefits

● Infections



What Are The Healing And Spiritual Benefits Of Jade Beads?

Jade is most associated with tranquility for your spirit or soul and calm wisdom to your mind. With darker shades of jade beads, you get a more grounding effect and a feeling of confidence and security.

Lighter jade beads have similar properties but are also associated with accessing your intuition to help guide your path and make connections to your higher self when you need assistance or guidance.

Jade beads are also able to calm anxiety and help bring a sense of positivity to your mind, bringing out a sense of self-worth and helping you address emotional issues.

White jade beads have a strong connection with your crown chakra and have a stronger pull towards increasing your vibrational energy and helping with your insight so that you can act intuitively.

Yellow jade beads help with energy and mental stimulation, so they can be a better option than other colors if that's what you need or feel rundown at the moment. It can also bring more joy and happiness to your daily life.

What Are The Physical Benefits Of Jade Beads?

Jade beads can connect and heal specific areas of your body, including your internal organs like the spleen, kidneys, and even urinary tract issues.

If you’ve had a prolonged illness or are recovering in general, jade beads can be used to speed up the recovery process so that you can get back on your feet faster.

Fertility for men and women can also be increased by wearing jade beads in your jewelry, and during childbirth, it’s believed jade beads will assist with pain and speed.

What Chakra Do Jade Beads Work With?

Green jade beads are connected to your heart chakra and can be used to help open up blockages from long-term issues or from recent problems that have closed off your heart chakra. So it’s important to limit how often you use jade beads near your heart, such as in necklaces or pendants, as opening too fast can be too much for some people.

A blocked heart chakra can make you feel unbalanced or restricted when dealing with others, especially in relationships. You may find yourself being too critical of yourself and others and have inappropriate emotional outbursts.

Can You Recharge and Cleanse Jade Beads?

All crystals and gemstones need to be cleansed and recharged as they take in all the negative emotional and spiritual energy around you while you’re using them or handling them.

To cleanse jade, simply hold it under running water for a few minutes, and it should be completely recharged. If you feel it needs longer, then it’s not a problem to keep it under the running water for some time.

One note is that you should be in a positive space when cleansing your jade beads; otherwise, negative energy can quickly flow back in.

What Zodiac Sign Are Jade Beads Connected To?

Libra and Taurus are associated with jade beads and will find additional benefits and balance in their natural ability by utilizing jade beads in their jewelry.

Are Jade Beads Good For Meditation?

Jade beads in your jewelry are fantastic options for your meditation practice; it brings calmness to your mind and body and assists with overall good spiritual health.

Jade beads are perfect when trying to connect with a higher self during mediation to help find issues or overcome problems.

Are Jade Beads Good For Yoga?

Jade beads are fantastic for traditional yoga that requires slow, intentional movements and a calm state of mind while performing the movements.

Is Jade Jewelry Good For The Workplace?

Jade beads can be worn in the workplace and may provide some benefits; however, there are other better bead jewelry options that can assist more with workplace issues.

Should I Wear Jade Bead Jewelry Every Day?

Jade beads can be used daily, but it’s important to be aware if you’re showing signs of a blocked heart chakra, and in those situations, you should limit your use so that your heart chakra can be opened slowly by the jade beads.

Jade is also a very hardy material and shouldn’t become scratched or damaged from daily use.

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