Obsidian beads conjure up many thoughts around the darkness people associate with the gemstone, but obsidian beads can come in a wide variety of colors that don’t have to indicate darkness.

Obsidian is volcanic material that has quickly cooled into a glass like substance, and it’s the minerals that are included which can modify the coloring. It’s extremely hard and has been used for centuries for jewelry and even weapons due to its hardness and sharp cutting edges.

If you’re curious if obsidian beads could be a good option for your next DIY jewelry project, then keep reading for all of the information you’ll need to make the decision.

What Types Of Obsidian Beads Are Available?

Obsidian beads are classically black; however, you will find them in a variety of colors depending on what you want to do with them. You’ll see blue, green, brown, purple, golden, and rainbow obsidian beads.

You can get matte-styled obsidian or a highly polished orb, all in a variety of different sizes, to be matched together in any way that your design requires.

What Types Of DIY Jewelry Are Obsidian Beads Suitable For?

Obsidian beads are ideal for all types of DIY jewelry making; they are incredibly hard and versatile, including a range of colors that can be matched together based on your design.

Some of the options you may want to consider to use obsidian beads for are listed below.

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces
  • Anklets
  • Rings

What Is The Significance Of Wearing Obsidian Jewelry?

Obsidian Color

Black or multicolored

Chakra Connected to Obsidian


Zodiac Sign Connected With Obsidian


Main Obsidian Virtues





Main Obsidian Health Benefits


Heart Health


Water, Moon, Earth

What Are The Healing And Spiritual Benefits Of Obsidian Beads?

Obsidian beads can come in different colors, which does impact the spiritual and healing benefits to some degree. However, all obsidian has common benefits throughout the color ranges.

Obsidian beads are extremely powerful and have strong protective energy that creates a shield against any negative energy directed at your externally, and it will keep you grounded in life, help you heal from trauma, and even help you uncover truths that are being hidden from you.

Obsidian is also known as The Stone of Truth, as it has powerful properties in uncovering truths as mentioned and can help you answer any questions you may have about life and love, including understanding and extracting the truth about your loved ones cut through lies, mistruths, and misunderstandings.

If integrity is critical to you, then obsidian beads are perfect for assisting you in understanding everybody that interacts with you and knowing when things are not as they appear.

You’ll also feel a sense of strength and self-confidence that you may have been lacking, and booster your inner strength which will be required if you uncover any uncomfortable truths.

What Are The Physical Benefits Of Obsidian Beads?

Obsidian beads have a full range of health benefits for the wearer by promoting good heart health, digestive health, and even lowering your blood pressure, possibly as a result of no longer worrying about lies.

It has antibacterial and antiviral health benefits, which are especially important these days as people try to stay away from disease and respiratory issues.

Obsidian beads are also excellent for your mental health, including reducing stress and anxiety. Your headaches will be improved, and you will feel more energized if you’ve previously had issues with fatigue.

What Chakra Do Obsidian Beads Work With?

Obsidian beads work primarily with your root chakra and can have a very clearing and opening effect on it if you feel it is blocked.

If you’re feeling very ungrounded and unsafe for no reason and have started feeling back pain or even issues with your kidneys, then your root chakra may be blocked. Obsidian beads can be an effective way to open it and provide protection and strength from whatever issues may have caused the block.

Just be wary of using too obsidian beads too often while you’re opening your root chakra, as the effects can be overwhelming, especially if there has been a long-term block for you.

Can You Recharge and Cleanse Obsidian Beads?

Obsidian beads protect you from external negativity, so they may need regular cleaning and recharging. You only need to put your obsidian beads under running water and then let them dry in a high location off the floor.

You can also use moonlight or bury it in the earth to recharge it with natural energy that will keep it working well at protecting you from any negative energy.

Are Obsidian Beads Good For Meditation?

Obsidian beads and meditation go hand in hand when you’re trying to meditate on issues that involve truth or determining what is really going on. If that is your intent during meditation, keep obsidian beads incorporated into your meditative jewelry.

If you are trying to relax and clear your mind, then obsidian beads are not ideal for your meditation, and a more relaxing gemstone should be used.

Are Obsidian Beads Good For Yoga?

Obsidian beads are not especially effective for yoga, and there are many better alternatives to use with your yoga practice.

Obsidian jewelry during yoga may be too distracting and hinder your enjoyment of doing yoga, especially when trying to be present in the moment or have a clear head.

Is Obsidian Jewelry Good For The Workplace?

Obsidian beads in workplace jewelry can be effective in specific work situations, especially if you’re trying to determine the truth or feel as though somebody is lying to you at work. Lawyers may find obsidian beads especially useful when working through the information that may be false or unknown.

Should I Wear Obsidian Bead Jewelry Every Day?

Obsidian beads are powerful and can be worn every day as a protective layer, though constantly searching for the truth may be distracting and cause issues in your life if you’re not reading for constant truth to be available to you.

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