Turquoise beads are a blue and green mineral that brings your imagination to the ocean through the various shades available in this gemstone. It’s been used for centuries and is still a coveted gemstone whether you’re looking for metaphysical properties or just a beautiful bead to include in your DIY jewelry making.

If you’ve seen this gemstone and are wondering whether it has the properties and variety that you need, keep reading for complete information on turquoise beads.

What Types Of Turquoise Beads Are Available?

Turquoise beads come in varying shades of blue and green, with rich colors associated with the sky or the ocean, depending on what you want. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including polished orbs, loose stones for centerpieces in your pendant necklaces, and almost anything else you may desire.

What Types Of DIY Jewelry Are Turquoise Beads Suitable For?

Turquoise beads are a beautiful addition to any jewelry you may decide to make; they’re especially popular in tribal or traditional jewelry, including large sections of turquoise stones being prominently displayed.

Almost any jewelry style will be enhanced by the addition of Turquoise beads, including some of the jewelry options listed below.

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces
  • Anklets
  • Rings
  • Amulets
  • Inlays
  • Head Chains

What Is The Significance Of Wearing Turquoise Jewelry?

Turquoise beads have been traditionally used as a cooling and calming option in jewelry, which can help control anxiety and even panic attacks by reminding the wearer of the calming ocean.

Turquoise Color

Blue, Green

Chakra Connected to Turquoise


Zodiac Sign Connected With Turquoise


Main Turquoise Virtues






Main Turquoise Health Benefits

Immune System Support

Respiratory Issues


Water, Smudge, Moon

What Are The Healing And Spiritual Benefits Of Turquoise Beads?

Turquoise beads have been used for centuries as primarily as a healing stone throughout large parts of the world. It allows you to speak your authentic voice with confidence and power so that there is no communication issue with what you want and need.

It’s also effective at helping you heal old wounds, whether from friends, family, or a relationship that ended badly and still nags at you.

Turquoise beads are extremely effective at dealing with mental and emotional distress by providing a calming effect. It also helps remove anxiety and depression by allowing you to communicate what is required, which is often a cause of emotional distress for many people.

What Are The Physical Benefits Of Turquoise Beads?

Turquoise beads provide benefits to physical health and well-being by strengthening immune systems and helping fight off viral infections and other diseases that a weak immune system can allow into your system.

It’s also effective for any issues you have in your throat, whether it’s chronic sore throats, neck pain, headaches, and migraines, and even protects you from problems in your respiratory system.

Turquoise beads can also work in strengthening your system and providing anti-inflammatory properties, which are effective at combatting arthritis and similar issues.

Turquoise bead jewelry can also be effective with your digestion and allows you to absorb nutrients more effectively where you may be lacking due to prolonged illness, especially around your gut.

What Chakra Do Turquoise Beads Work With?

Turquoise beads connect with your throat chakra and can effectively open up any blockages that are stopping you from communicating precisely what you want and need to anybody that needs to understand.

If you feel as though nobody hears you and your value is limited, and you’re having trouble keeping boundaries with people, and you’re constantly trying to people please, then your throat chakra may be blocked, and Turquoise bead jewelry in the form of a necklace or pendant would be an effective treatment for the issue.

Can You Recharge and Cleanse Turquoise Beads?

Turquoise beads can be cleansed under warm running water, and while you don’t need to do this especially often, you can keep your jewelry working at peak performance by cleansing monthly or more often if you feel the need.

You can recharge your Turquoise beads by smudging them with sage or by leaving them under the moonlight overnight.

What Zodiac Sign Are Turquoise Beads Connected To?

Turquoise beads work best with Sagitassitus zodiac signs and allow people born under this sign to achieve more in their daily lives and have better fortune. It can more effectively protect them from diseases and help regenerate physical and spiritual parts of them that may have been broken down over time.

Wearing Turquoise bead jewelry daily will keep this zodiac sign overall more happy and successful through effective communication that has previously been lacking.

Are Turquoise Beads Good For Meditation?

Turquoise beads can be great for certain forms of yoga, especially breath yoga or where breathing is a larger focus in the yoga experience, rather than the movements and energy levels.

Is Turquoise Jewelry Good For The Workplace?

Turquoise beads are effective in the office if you’re looking to attract wealth, so if you run your own business or have a home business, then Turquoise beads may work very well to bring in more opportunities to make money and grow your business.

Should I Wear Turquoise Bead Jewelry Every Day?

Turquoise bead jewelry can be worn every day without any ill effects on you; it’s a powerful tool to be used but is effective and can help your daily life by keeping your throat chakra open and working to ensure you can communicate your needs and desires.

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