I simply love working with Miyuki seed beads and I would like to share with you some useful information about these beads, as well as several ideas of how to use them to create simple, yet stunning earring designs. But first, let me give you the main reasons why I choose Miyuki brand for my beading projects:

  • All my jewelry designs look amazing with these high quality glass beads! They come in so many colors and textures, creating endless possibilities. I enjoy mixing and matching different types of Miyuki delica beads: color-lined, silver-lined, galvanized, transparent, ceylon, opaque, transparent, AB, metallic, duracoat, luster, the latter being among my favorite to give a shiny finish to my creations.
  • Their consistency in shape and size makes them perfect for both simple and complex designs.
  • Miyuki delica beads are perfect for bead weaving because of their uniformity, luster and even surface they create.
  • The large diameter of the center hole enables me to pass many strands of thread through the same bead without breaking it.
  • Miyuki Delica are ideal beads for various beading techniques which allow you to build all kinds of 3D objects.

Geometric shapes made out of Miyuki beads!

Miyuki beads are the perfect choice to create eye-catching geometric designs. And yes, geometric designs in jewelry making are elegant, appealing, bold and have been growing in popularity over the years!

Triangles, one of the most powerful symbols in sacred geometry, are among the shapes that I like to incorporate into my beading projects because of their simplistic, yet stunning nature. Triangle earrings made with Miyuki beads are beautiful pieces and a perfect way to add a modern touch to your everyday look. These pairs of studs make great gifts to a special someone or to yourself.

What is cool about geometric beaded triangles is that you are going to utilize two different techniques, Peyote and Herringbone, and you can have fun with different colors. The shape and size of the beads are also important since they can influence your design choices. My favorite beads for this particular project are Miyuki delica size 11/0 and also Miyuki round rocaille size 15/0. They work very well with Peyote and Herringbone stitches.

Get ready for some compliments with these original triangle earrings:

1. "Sweet orange" - Handmade studs in shades of shiny black, metallic silver and vibrant, bright orange. These little, very light earrings are an easy way to spice up your outfits by adding a splash of color!

Sweet orange beaded earrings

2. "Sparkling Emerald" - Beaded triangle earrings in shades of shiny black, metallic silver and rich green for a natural and fresh look. If you are looking for the perfect balance of boldness and versatility, this combination of colors is certainly for you. Not to mention that these beautiful studs happen to go well in contrast with hazel eyes as they enhance the green hues of the iris.

Sparkling Emerald beaded earrings

3. "Peach luster" - Beaded triangle studs in shades of gunmetal grey, gentle turquoise and warn bright peach. These small, very light earrings made with Miyuki delica beads 11/0 will accessorize your everyday outfits in a completely new way!

Peach luster beaded earrings

4. "Lilac blossom" - Beaded studs in shades of shiny black, metallic silver and delicate, romantic rose. Elegance, refinement and uniqueness are the words to describe these gorgeous pair of earrings.

Lilac blossom beaded earring

Triangle earrings are just as much fun to make as they are to wear. You can do them in one solid lovely color like beautiful gold, silver or combine various vivid colors for an interesting contrast. Either way, they will look amazing. The possibilities are truly endless!

What you’ll need:

What about connecting two beaded triangles of different sizes and colors? The result is amazing: a beautiful, classy and sophisticated pair of earrings, that will add a touch of elegance to your outfits. I have used Miyuki round rocaille beads size 15/0 and

6mm flat back sterling silver studs to make these lovely golden black studs.

Beaded earrings

5. "Flying kites" is another design that I enjoy making with Miyuki beads. You can really make a statement with these unique earrings! So large (they measure 6.5 W x 4.7 L cm) that wearing any other jewelry or accessories is pointless!

For kite earrings project you will need 11/0 Delicas in 4 different colors (gunmetal grey, galvanized silver, black and white), beading thread, scissors, needle, jewelry pliers. At the end you can add your favorite earring findings. I discovered these lovely pair of earring findings on Elbead.com and I believe they look great with this design.

Flying kites beaded earrings


The secret to successful beading projects is to choose high quality thread that is suitable for the beads and beading techniques you are using. Peyote stich requires the needle and beading thread to be passed many times through the same bead, so a strong, fray resistant, pre-waxes thread is a great option. FireLine beading thread is my personal favorite and I always recommend it based on my experience.

Holding a nice thread tension in your beadwork is also important. It may be a bit difficult if you are a beginner but this can be improved over time, as it takes practice to achieve the perfect thread tension.

Best place to buy Miyuki beads

If you love these projects, you can find all the beading materials you need in one place. Elbead.com has a great selection of high quality Miyuki beads, beading threat, needles and earring studs, at affordable prices. You will find everything you need to showcase your creative abilities!

I hope this information will be helpful to you. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more designs and color combinations 😀.

Loredana Militaru

My mission is to find the best deals for jewelry making supplies and to provide guidance to fellow beaders around the world.

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